October 26, 2010

No stats to report, today – only the give-and-take of editorial work as I try to bang Ganymede into a serviceable draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect; but it does need to be complete. When I am finished, and ready to punt this onto Liz’s desk, this book should require no more than minor Narrative Spackle combined with the general clean-up that comes in the wake of putting a project down for a few weeks.

I hope. I pray. And I cross all suitable appendages.

(I do try to put a project down for a few weeks before wrestling it into a Draft One, but I am not always fortunate enough to have that option. Like now, for example. However, it will take Liz some time to read Ganymede and get back to me with feedback. Therefore, that intervening period between Draft One and Draft Two must suffice. It is essentially the only “away time” I will get on this manuscript. Let us hope it is enough…)

Anyway. Galloping toward a deadline is no excuse to drop the ball on the Dreadnought channel:

  • Literati reviews Dreadnought – This groovy book blog whacks Dreadnought with the stick of literary pokiness, and appreciates the zombie-flavored candy that comes out.

  • Questionland – That’s where I’ll be digitally camping out for a few days, beginning November 1. You can ask about anything you want, of course, but since I was helpfully goaded into this as a run-up to my Final Bookstore Event this year (Third Place Books, on November 3) … I suspect many of the queries will have to do with my books.

  • Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded – Available now, and including a reprint of “Tanglefoot,” the Clockwork Century novelette published through SubterraneanPress.com last year.

  • Spinecracker book chat and give-away – They’re discussing Boneshaker, but participants can chime in for a chance to win a copy of Dreadnought.

All right, everyone. It’s back-to-work time for me, as I have much reading/editing/stick-poking to accomplish on Ganymede before this evening. Why’s that, you ask? Because tonight I’m heading up to Tacoma for the Northwest College Bookstore Association conference – where I will be through tomorrow. So if I’m inordinately quiet for the next day or two, well, there you go.

Have a good one!

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