Day: October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010 – Metrics

Here’s today’s progress on my Hunley version 4.0 submarine book about Andan Cly and his crew having a damp misadventure in a Texian-occupied New Orleans, plus Bonus! guerrilla warfare, other assorted historic pirates, and an octoroon madam who moonlights as a Union spy.

Project: Ganymede
Deadline: November 1, 2010
New words written: 2505 (wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t a 4-day total)
Present total word count: 97,677 words

Things accomplished in real life: Day-job work; daily run/climb; went to postal shop yet again; went to Walgreens to refill a prescription; went to grocery store as we were out of EVERYTHING; cleaned the apartment top to bottom because it desperately needed it; finished unpacking; sorted all receipts from trip; filed for reimbursements where necessary, filed receipts against taxes where required; generally ran self ragged and didn’t sit down to write until after suppertime, so oh well.

Other: I am utterly freaking beat from three pre-dawn airport trips and two out-of-state events in four days, but there’s no time to pause and recover right now. Must push onward. I might not make this deadline, but it will not be for lack of trying.

Total Official Word Count of 2010: 226,288 words

October 18, 2010

What a long, strange trip it’s been! But a very good one, of course. I’d meant to try to provide a brief running blog commentary while out of town, but you can see how THAT went – nothing since Thursday night from yours truly. My apologies. Travel is wacky, and it throws me for a loop … particularly when I’m poking around places with which I am none too familiar.

Let’s see. To pick up where I left off – I slept in a tiny bit on Friday in Denver, and around 4:00 that afternoon I was liberated from the hotel by Mario Acevedo. Mario took me off to a groovy artists/writers salon in the city, whereupon I met scads of very cool people; and then we went off to supper, at which point I consumed a bowl-like plate of Denver’s Best Macaroni and Cheese which was approximately the size of my head. I ate this delicious concoction in the wake of a great fluffy plate of appetizer sweet Thai chili french fries; and after this bountiful supper … because I felt like a glutton for punishment and I will do just about any dumb thing for a donut … we went out for donuts.

No lie: I did not eat again for nearly 24 hours. It took me that long to become hungry again.

But the next morning I arose early and caught a car service vehicle back out to the airport, whereupon I flew out to San Francisco. I arrived around 10:30 a.m., made it to my hotel by 11:00, whereupon I put my head down for just a quickie power nap…and woke up around 1:30. Actually, this worked out well – because I’d arranged for a cab to come get me at 2:00, for I had every intention of getting together and goofing off with my friend and webmaster Greg – who, conveniently enough, lives within a stone’s throw of Borderlands.

Greg and I did verily goof the heck off for a bit – pausing for coffee with Unexpected Jay Lake (who was unexpected, but we were quite happy to see him) and then it was time for the reading/signing. The event was standing room only, and between those who were seated and those who lurked, there seemed to be about 35-45 folks present/coming/going. The crowd included marvelous fellow zombie-writer S.G. Browne, plus an old friend of mine named Chris – who I hadn’t seen since shortly before leaving Chattanooga.

[Side note: If you’ve read my third Eden book, Not Flesh Nor Feathers, there’s a character in that tome who has a typo on his Social Security card – identifying him as “Christ” instead of “Chris.” I stole this lol-worthy detail from this very same Chris who came out to see me on Saturday. Because as you probably have figured out by now, I am always happy to pilfer particulars from real life. My friends are not exempt from this.]

After the hootnanny, when all stock was signed, shopkitty Ash had been petted, bookstore people had been hugged, and all was well … it was still only about 6:00. So Greg and I decided to bop off and see RED – that we might contribute to Warren’s baby hippo fund. In all honesty, I found that movie absolutely fucking delightful. And if you’ve seen it yourself, then you know what I mean by that. Great cast, great writing, great comic timing, and nicely choreographed action. Lots of fun all around!

Bonus: The movie theater sold candy in bulk. I am STILL nomming on the Reese’s Pieces I collected on that fine occasion.

Anyway. Following the movie, Greg and I went back to the Mission district and in time, I caught a cab to take me back to my hotel (which was out near the airport, long story). By then it was coming up on midnight, and I had another flight to catch first thing in the morning; so I packed up and crashed. Then I arose again the next day and hied me hence to the airport. And by lunchtime I was back in Seattle.

Around four o’clock I was so wiped out that I thought to myself, “Self, I’ll just close my eyes for a wee little power nap and then the rest of the day, I will be productive.” When I awakened around 7:00 p.m., I was very confused. But I hauled myself out of bed like a big girl, cleaned the fish’s tank, and sat up to hang out with the husband for a bit before going right back to bed and conking out once more.

This travel stuff, man. It’ll wipe you out.

So! That brings us up to date with regards to my most recent adventures. Now, of course, it is Monday – and I’ve been out of town for days, which means that there’s email to be data mined, phone calls to be made, day-job work to be caught up upon, laundry to be tackled, and oh yeah … writing to be done. And did I mention that this week I have two more signings? At least they’re local/semi-local. (One in Tacoma, one at the Barnes & Noble at Northgate.)

Yes. Well. I trust you can understand why I am now about to log off and dive back in to this Monday – for it is going to require an awful lot of attention. May the rest of you have productive, minimally stressful weeks, and I’ll be back online later tonight, hopefully (she said with optimism) to post some word metrics and progress reports.

[:: dashes off ::]