Month: October 2010

Live and Loud


Originally I was slated to begin chatting at Questionland on November 1st, but like the City Arts piece said: Full Steam Ahead, yo. Therefore, starting tomorrow October 30th I will officially be taking … well … questions. They can be about anything, really, but I’m hypothetically there to talk about books and stuff.

So! Just click this Questionland link, or go to my website and poke at the handy-dandy widget I’ve tossed onto the right sidebar. POKE IT GENTLY.

So far as I know – and I might be wrong – you can start posting questions any time; but you might not get any replies until tomorrow. This is partly because I’m going to a Halloween party tonight, for I deserve ONE EVENING OFF after writing a 115,000 word book in about three months, yes I freaking do.

Wiktory Post

It is with great pleasure that I announce I’ve emailed off Draft One of Ganymede to my editor (who is at WFC right now, but hey – it’s offa my plate, and that’s the important bit). I have absolutely no idea how to feel about the manuscript, except that I wish I could’ve had another month or two to poke at it, but such is life – and I hope that Liz will read it and like it, and not wonder what toads I’ve been licking for the last three months.

I hope it isn’t terrible. I’m a little afraid that it might be.

But then again, Draft Ones are always a little terrible, and I probably shouldn’t worry about it too much, just yet. I still have too many other things to fret over – including, but not limited to, such diverse elements as a convention in Madison, Wisconsin; a trip to Richmond, Virginia; a convention here at Seatac; and a total of four additional readings/signings here, there, and everywhere before the end of November.

Never mind that rewrites on Hellbent are due at the end of November, and I’m still struggling to keep my head above water with my day-job. Yes, that’s right. No rest for the wicked, etc. Too many projects are on the line for me to crash and burn just yet, so I’ll keep on keepin’ on. And now for a couple of notes, real quick:

  • My “Appearances” page has been updated – If you scroll down to November, you’ll see that I’ve added two new reading/signings – both in Madison, Wisconsin. They’ve been arranged around my appearance at TeslaCon – and though I agreed to them some time ago, I only just today found out the details.

  • City Arts Magazine talks steampunk – This piece interviews a good number of local (Seattle-area) steampunks and enthusiasts, including yours truly and scads of others.