September 13, 2010

Here’s the weekend’s progress on my Hunley version 4.0 submarine book about Andan Cly and his crew having a damp misadventure in a Texian-occupied New Orleans, plus Bonus! guerrilla warfare, other assorted historic pirates, and an octoroon madam who moonlights as a Union spy.

Project: Ganymede
Deadline: November 1, 2010
New words written: 1226 (bah again)
Present total word count: 56,598 words

Things accomplished in fiction: Set up two rooms for the night that are NOT in the whorehouse, much to the engineer’s chagrin and Houjin’s confusion, because no one will tell him what precisely goes on inside (though Kirby Troost is on the verge of taking up a collection to pay a woman to show him).

Next up: Attempt to meet up with old friends. Learn that things have taken a turn for the strange.

Things accomplished in real life: Day-job work; daily run/climb; went to University Book Store and signed stock/special orders; grabbed lunch while in the U-district; came home to several messages that needed answering NOW NOW NOW; tackled several rounds of business emails with several sets of people; got some interest re: audio editions of my Subterranean novellas, but nothing official yet; cleared up some misunderstandings; got maudlin about missing my cousin’s wedding; cleaned up first chapter of Hellbent and handed it in to editor Anne, for in-house promo/reading.

Other: A totally crap word count? Yes. But I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write until suppertime, and by then I was so worn out that 1200 words feels like a freaking TRIUMPH.

Other, redux: The Lost Entwife is running a promo wherein you can pick up a signed copy of Boneshaker and a preorder of Dreadnought. Click here for details.

Other, the third: I suppose Jeff VanderMeer’s announcement makes my involvement in Thackeray T. Lambshead’s Cabinet of Curiosities official. Huzzah! I am very proud of the piece I handed in, and grateful to both Jeff and to Mike Mignola, who recommended me. It was truly awesome to be part of this project, and I can’t thank them enough.

Total Official Word Count of 2010: 185,209 words

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