DragonCon: The Recap

Well, let’s call this a “Sort-Of Recap.” Because if I tried to cram four days of DragonCon into one post, we’d be here all night – and I’m still low on time and motivation over here. So rather than try to do a play-by-play, I’ll just note a few highlights, and then we can move […]

Free Books

Real quick – I wanted to post this to the webby masses, not just to Twitter/Facebook, so here goes: Tor is giving away galleys of Dreadnought to five random fans of the Clockwork Century’s Facebook Page. Click ye the link for details!

Hello, world!

I am home! I am also so far behind on…well…everything, that I may as well not be home quite yet. I have unpacking to do, receipts to sort, packages to mail, groceries to acquire, day-job work to pick up, phone calls and emails to answer (OH GOD THE EMAILS), and one neurotic kitty to reassure […]