August 24, 2010

No word metrics to post today, alas. It’s been day-job mayhem and writer-business chaos since I woke up – and that’s just how it works out, sometimes. Among the things accomplished are such diverse elements as: a small mountain of important email tackled; two more potential events negotiated for 2011 (but awaiting confirmation); a trip to U-books to sign stuff and sort stuff out with Duane; a trip to the postal place to ship some goodies to a freshly married cousin; and a couple of important phone calls.

And so it goes.

Two last things to report, then I’ll log off and see about being writing-productive this afternoon/evening:

  • Steampunk Magazine tackles Dreadnought – Via friendly feminist critique. Thanks a bunch for the review! I’m glad the reader enjoyed the book, and I’m glad to see that people are starting to talk about it.

  • New look for fall – As you can already tell if you’re visiting my website directly, I’ve switched things up a bit. I felt the need for something a little brighter and more personalized … and something that would handle the Macmillan widgets with more finesse. If you’re reading this via the LiveJournal crosspost or an RSS feed, feel free to click the link at the start of this paragraph and poke around. Let me know if you spy anything that’s broken.

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10 thoughts on “August 24, 2010

  1. Looks nice and clean.

  2. superpuppy

    I like the site refresh! The RSS feed link “Subscribe to my feed” above the search box seems to be broken. Doesn’t get me a list of your blog posts at least.

  3. Thanks Karohemd – and Superpuppy, good call. I’ve fixed it now :)

  4. I really dig this layout!

  5. superpuppy

    Thanks! I’ve got to keep up with what you’re working on as I devour your latest releases… :)

  6. Duane Kaiser

    Nice new layout! Simple and user-friendly.

  7. Yes much prefer this theme to the last.

  8. Rick

    I have a question — why isn’t Clementine in the “Available Now” box on the right?


  9. Rick: Because I don’t have a widget for it – and also, I believe the hardback edition is fully sold out now.

    It’ll be available again in paperback next year :)

  10. Shawna

    Oooh, love the new look. I just finished Clementine the other day. Well, I actually think “devoured it” is a bit more accurate, but that’s just semantics. Now I’ve loaned Boneshaker & Clementine to my sister in the hopes that she’ll love them as much as my hubster and I did.

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