So my awesome friend San has an awesome dog named Hanzo. Hanzo is a rescued pit bull puppy (well, he’s a year old now), and he needs surgery, but don’t worry — he’s going to get that surgery one way or another. So this isn’t one of those OMG SEND MONIES FOR THIS PUPPEE OR IT WILL BE DIE posts.

Instead, this post is a testament to San‘s capacity for truly clever shit. For you see, using only his wits, his art supplies, and a dash of code, he’s created the PlunderZoo – an art project/fundraiser to help defray some of Hanzo’s rather copious veterinary bills.

Go on. Click this link. Even if you don’t like great puppy pictures and snappy copy writing. Even if you’re broke and don’t plan to “capture” anything off the list. Even if you’re ONLY A LITTLE BIT curious.

Click the link because San is hilarious, and the PlunderZoo is a stroke of wacky genius … and also because look, a big white puppy!

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