In other news

I want to thank the folks at Seattle Magazine – for they have named me a 2010 Spotlight Award winner, which rocks about eight ways from Sunday. I’ve known about this for awhile, but they asked me to keep it to myself until the magazine made its announcements, and that was fine with me. Details are available at the link, and in September’s issue of the magazine.

Everyone I met for the piece was a pleasure to work with, start to finish. The interviewer was lovely (and a fellow southerner, as it turned out), the photographer picked a nifty location (the steam plant downtown, and yes he asked me to dress up), and the two videographers I met a couple weeks ago were likewise pleasant, efficient, and professional.

Really, I just can’t recommend the whole crew enough – and I’m both very grateful and tickled pink by the whole thing. Thanks again to everyone who arranged this and produced it!

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