August 12, 2010 – Word Metrics

Why yes I am a posting fool today – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working my ass off, I assure you.

Here’s today’s progress on my Hunley version 4.0 submarine book about Andan Cly and his crew having a damp misadventure in a Texian-occupied New Orleans, plus Bonus! guerrilla warfare, other assorted historic pirates, and an octoroon madam who moonlights as a Union spy.

Project: Ganymede
Deadline: November 1, 2010
New words written: 4179 (quite good!)
Present total word count: 21,469 words

Things accomplished in fiction: OMG there were zombies and all this crazy stuff went down and people were running and screaming all along the old manufacturing row and the deserted, decaying wharf and then Josephine got rescued by Marie Laveau (who was very old but still alive in 1880, thank you very much) so yes, this was pretty much the most bad-ass scene of all time and oh, hey, look – it totally rocks the Bechdel Test to boot.

Incriminating Darling Du Jour: “There, my child. You see? Even the dead may be reminded of their place.”

Things accomplished in real life: Day-job work; post office run; not much else, really.

Other: I ain’t gonna lie. This scene was hella-fun to write. Tomorrow’s writing day might not be quite so hot, though; I have to run out to the U-district to sign stock, and we shall see how long that takes and/or how big a bite out of my writing time it proves to be.

Total Official Word Count of 2010: 147,457 words

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