August 12, 2010 – Word Metrics

Why yes I am a posting fool today – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working my ass off, I assure you. Here’s today’s progress on my Hunley version 4.0 submarine book about Andan Cly and his crew having a damp misadventure in a Texian-occupied New Orleans, plus Bonus! guerrilla warfare, other assorted historic […]

In other news

I want to thank the folks at Seattle Magazine – for they have named me a 2010 Spotlight Award winner, which rocks about eight ways from Sunday. I’ve known about this for awhile, but they asked me to keep it to myself until the magazine made its announcements, and that was fine with me. Details […]

DragonCon Schedule

I realize it’s a little early, but people are starting to post these around – and I’m nothing if not a big fat bandwagon jumper. Besides, this way I’ll have something to link for reference’s sake, later on. So. Here goes, my schedule for DragonCon: (Click the jump – or keep scrolling.)