July 26, 2010

Start your week with links! Why? Because that’s all I’ve got right now:

  • Kitten pictures! – And kitten pimping, yes. If you can find room in your heart and home for something small and fuzzy, then here is a most excellent place to start looking (if you are in the Piedmont VA area).

  • Me on TV! – Click through to visit the CultPop website, now featuring episode #36 – which was recorded while I was at Penguicon. This episode also features Tobias Buckell and John Scalzi, if you’d rather not watch me rally from a weekend of convention exhaustion and babble at the camera. (And really, you could hardly be blamed for such a preference.)

  • Clementine shipping update, redux – They’re going out the door! Click for details, and watch your mailboxes.

  • Speaking of Clementine – Fantasy Book Critic pokes it with a stick, and likes what turns up. Thanks, FBC!

  • The Living Dead II receives starred PW review! – Huzzah! I am so proud to be part of this collection, I swear. (Though as a side note for clarity’s sake, “Reluctance” does not, in fact, revisit the walled city of Seattle from the Clockwork Century stories. It’s set in NW Texas/East New Mexico, and does not feature any of the Seattle characters.) Edited to add: Because Rose at PW is awesome, this will be fixed. Thanks, Rose!

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