June 29, 2010

Here are today’s stats on my second urban fantasy adventure — this time with my neurotic undead thief, her shady agent, a cigar box full of magical penis bones, a mentally ill former NASA engineer-turned-sorceress, and the continued fabulosity of a Cuban drag queen:

Project: Hellbent
Deadline: August 9, 2010
New words written: 1131 (barf)
Present total word count: 48,200 words

Things accomplished in fiction: Wrapped up the previous scene, set up the next one. Got whapped upside the head by the sidewalk; prevented California from being earthquaked into the ocean.

Things accomplished in real life: Noodled with day-job project for kind of a ridiculous amount of time; went for the daily run/climb; answered a crap-ton of emails.

Other: I actually wrote part of that feeble count yesterday – and then today, I went back and yanked out a bunch of the stuff I did over the last couple of days. The 1131 is just the net result. Ah, well. Better tomorrow.

Total Official Word Count of 2010: 71,917 words

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