June 28, 2010

Yes, yes. I’m a posting fool today, I know. But I’ve also been back at work, and battling the ongoing catchup that lands every time I’m out of town for a few days. Therefore, while today’s word count is pretty respectable, it’s less delightful when one considers that it’s been four days since I wrote […]

While I’m on the subject

… the subject of “Things I Like,” that is – over the weekend in D.C. I was repeatedly asked about the skirts I wore. In fact, I also came home to a couple of emails on the same subject, so here you go, you skirt-loving masses: Both of the skirts I took to D.C. came […]

quick pimp

Hey folks – today my friend Sara Harvey‘s book The Labyrinth of the Dead debuts! It’s book two of a very cool trilogy which yes, full disclosure, I have blurbed – but then again, so has Jacqueline Carey – who loved the first one (as evidenced here). If you’d like to learn more, and maybe […]