This afternoon, while I was in D.C. talking to a room full of fantastic librarians, news broke that Boneshaker had won the Locus Award for best science fiction novel. See? And oh my God, holy cow.

I am honored, flattered, delighted, thrilled, and tickled – and I can’t thank enough all the people who voted, and all the folks who have called, tweeted, and emailed with congratulations. You are all 100% awesome, and I am absolutely dumbfounded to find my book in such amazing company.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

P.S. – I’m very sorry I’m being so quiet over here – I’m still in D.C. and I have to get up very, very early (my time) tomorrow in order to start the long trip home. So I’m going to be good, have a drink, and try to settle in for the night. Thanks so much for everything, and I’ll try to leap back onto the net when I get home tomorrow night or Monday.

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  1. Ed

    Wow, that is some amazing names to be mentioned with. But, Boneshaker was a damn fine novel so maybe those jokers should be honored to be on the same list as you?


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