June 21, 2010

Today I took a break around lunchtime and headed out to the Eckstein Middle School, where I rambled for fifteen or twenty minutes at 400 eighth graders as part of an end-of-year ceremony-type-thing. It was fun, and the kids were great, and the teachers are absolutely lovely. Many thanks to the lot of them for having me out there – and for the flowers, and the schwag tote with all the goodies in it.

(I am particularly delighted by their “independently published” collection of detective stories, Case Closed* – which boasts back cover “blurbs” from Stephanie Myers, Chuck Norris, Stephen King, Yoda, and yours truly. Apparently it was one of the best anthologies of detective stories I ever read :) )

Anyway, due in large part to my husband working late tonight, I still managed to get some writing done.

So here are today’s stats on my second urban fantasy adventure — this time with my neurotic undead thief, her shady agent, a cigar box full of magical penis bones, a mentally ill former NASA engineer-turned-sorceress, and the continued fabulosity of a Cuban drag queen:

Project: Hellbent
Deadline: August 9, 2010
New words written: 2276
Present total word count: 41,749 words

Things accomplished in fiction: Learned what was up with the bone thief, and why exactly this book is called “Hellbent.”

Things accomplished in real life: Day job work, both before and after heading out to the school; the aforementioned school visit; exchanged important emails; fought the cat for my computer chair; received much-desired package in the mail; ordered a bag that will be my soul mate in a traveling bag if it is as advertised; confirmed an interview with a local magazine writer tomorrow.

Other: In order to answer recent questions about whether Dreadnought or Clementine is the sequel to Boneshaker, I once again feel compelled to link this FAQ created expressly to answer that question and a few others. Also, because it amuses me greatly, it turns out that an excerpt from Boneshaker has been voted #59 (out of 100) reasons to love Seattle according to Seattle Met Magazine.

Total Official Word Count of 2010: 65,466 words

* Produced by “Don’t Taze Me, Bro” … Publishing, no joke. And to be clear, this is a school project, not something for Stephen King or Yoda to get riled up about :)

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