At last!

Dreadnought has an official, final cover.
(I think.)

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it is SUPERHAWT.
And I’m going to post it in a big fat size, so I’m throwing it behind a cut.

Dreadnought Revised Cover

It is true that the machine depicted is not the titular Dreadnought, but I can assure you that it IS a machine which does in fact appear in the story. (I anticipate some confusion on this point.) Even so, I’m very pleased. It looks great.

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16 observations on “At last!
  1. Andrea

    You just keep getting the best covers, srsly. Also I think you need business cards with “High Priestess of Steampunk” on them.

  2. James Floyd Kelly

    Oh, yes… that’s a great cover. Your Clockwork series will have a nice cover theme going…


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