Happy updates ahoy!

Via my marvelous agent – it’s finally announceable: We’ve reached an agreement with Tor for two more Clockwork Century books to follow up Boneshaker and this fall’s Dreadnought!

Tentatively they shall be Ganymede (2011) and Inexplicable (2012), and I shall be over here doing the happy book sale bootydance! (Not such a dignified display, really, but a very enthusiastic one all the same.)

(I’ll be back to post a few details regarding these upcoming titles … but not until this evening or tomorrow. I have a busy day lined up.)

But wait, there’s more!

Subterranean Press – producers of the Clementine – will be re-releasing that same book next year in trade paperback form! This is great news because the gorgeous upcoming hardback (available within the next few weeks) is being offered in a fairly small run. In fact, the limited edition has already sold out – so if you want to guarantee yourself a hardback copy, there’s no time like the present to preorder it.

But if it does sell out in preorders, or if you can’t afford the hardback and you’re the patient sort … well, come spring it’ll be available once again. (And yes, I already asked. They’re totally keeping this cover art for the paperback run!)

[:: shakes it ::]
[:: shakes it ::]
[:: shakes it some more ::]

27 thoughts on “Happy updates ahoy!

  1. I just finished Boneshaker, which I greatly enjoyed, and I have to say, this looks like fantastic news – I love the world that you’ve set up, and I can’t wait to read more about it!

  2. Congrats, Cherie! Well deserved. Can’t wait to read more. :)

  3. Woo! Congrats!

  4. Congrats!
    I love to see my favorite authors succeed! Especially in a genre I write!

  5. James Floyd Kelly

    Excellent – I love it when publishers allow an author to world build… your readers (this one included) will now be dogging you for due dates and hints… be warned!

  6. Amazing, and brilliant, and very well deserved. Those titles are terrific too. It’s going to be a LONG wait!

  7. Donnie Clark

    Great news, CP! And well deserved, too. The clockwork cometh and I do look forward to it!

  8. A big congratulations!

  9. Many, many congratulations, Cherie! I’m at the edge of my seat waiting for CLEMENTINE and DREADNOUGHT, and I’m so glad there will be more to look forward to as I have a hard time restraining myself from tearing through your books in one sitting. :)

  10. WOOOOOO!! BONESHAKER was on my post-surgery reading pile after your Powell’s visit… and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading the rest WITHOUT the surgery first, though. ;)

  11. Thank you SO MUCH everyone! I really appreciate it, and you’re awesome for all the support :)

  12. Kat

    WOOHOO! Congrats Cherie! So well deserved.

  13. Georgie

    Will you be negotiating an e-book release preferably ePub.

  14. Good news all around. Love the Clockwork Century.
    Major Congrats!

  15. Amy

    Wow – that is so fantastic! Congratulations. :D

  16. jack

    Good on ye.

    Does Snoopy accurately display your happy writer book sale bootydance?

  17. More or less :)

  18. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * happy dance around a distant New Zealand soldering table *

    Congratulations! You must be So thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I love how the pastels make the foreground figure and the dirigible even more powerful and ever so slightly menacing.

  20. Rosencrantz

    Congratz! I just read about Clementine on the TOR site and I want it i want it i want it! But I have to wait for the Kindle or iPad version.

    Cherie, I read Four & Twenty Blackbirds & then later Boneshaker and was just blown away it was the same author!

    Enjoying your words from Texas…. tips my hat.

    Hurrah to you!

  21. Yay! Hi-Five!

  22. Awesome news! I’d be doing the happy dance, too …

  23. Somehow I missed Clementine, but it’s been a busy year. But while browsing B&N last week, I found Dreadnought and bought it immediately, since I loved Boneshaker so much. I’m excited to see I’ll be able to obtain a paperback soon of Clementine. I’m also glad to see there will be more in the series.

  24. Chris

    Is there a publication date for Clementine in paperback? I just sent Boneshaker and Dreadnought off to the daughter, and am waiting to be dissed for missing out on Clementine…
    (which I have fallen back on reserving in the public library).

  25. Chris, the best I can tell you is “late summer/early fall.” I wish I could be more specific, but that’s as closely as I’ve been told.

  26. Dean Wiley

    Anxiously waiting for Clementine. Had a hold request cancelled at the library, guess they got tired of waiting for it to arrive in the catalogue. Will move on to Hellbent first if Clementine doesn’t arrive before the release of Hellbent.

  27. Believe me, Dean, I wish there were something I could do about that.

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