June 14, 2010

As is sometimes the case, I’ve had one of those days – a “writing business” day that involved no writing at all. Therefore, no pesky word meter to report, hurrah! Or boo, as the case may be. I need a draft of this book by August 9th, after all.

Today I did day-job work all morning; went for a run; drove out to Lake Forest Park to sign stock at Third Place Books (so if you want a signed copy, well, they’ve got ’em); stopped for lunch at Taco Bell (because I never get to run for the border so YES it is a RARE AND WONDROUS FEAST); came home to find contracts which needed signing and mailing (the Spanish foreign rights on Boneshaker); ran to Walgreens for manila envelopes in order to mail those contracts; went to postal store and mailed the contracts plus Father’s Day goodies to Dad; answered a series of reader emails which I’d been sitting on for a few days; sorted out a few other business emails; and oh look at that – it’s almost 5:00 p.m.

No rest for the wicked, as they say.
The wicked do get links, though. I’m pretty sure.

  • Jeremiah Swakhammer – the Turtle – Via my friend Andrea, animal rescuer extraordinaire. Ain’t he a doll? Actually … hmm. It looks to me like Jeremiah’s eyes are brown, rather than red – which would make her more of a “Jenny Swakhammer.” But perhaps I’m mistaken. It’s a little hard to tell.

  • Spain the Cat – Lurks behind my laptop because it’s warm there and because she can. She’s sitting on one of her preferred thrones, my laptop sleeve.

  • Tesla Rex the Fish – In a photo by my friend Meg, who was over here visiting the other night. Meg has a way better camera than me. Also, she’s just a better photographer. But honestly, check out this fish. He’s such a cutie…

  • 1-week reminder at i09.comBoneshaker is the book-club selection for that very fine science fiction site. If you’ve been waiting for a good reason to crack the book open and give it a go, there’s no time like the present!

Closing thought of the day: It’s Boneshaker, folks. Not “Bonecrusher.” Easy mistake to make, yes – and a very common one. Been getting a lot of it lately. But say it with me – Boneshaker.

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