May 28, 2010

Not much to report. Still doing writer-business clean-up in the wake of BEA, which means lots of emails, a few phone calls, and some gmail configuration (in order to let me do a video chat with a classroom in Chicago on Thursday). Today’s only points of note are as follows: Saw Prince of Persia. It […]


And now for a much shorter follow-up – given its own post because I was afraid that it’d get lost in the epic spiel which is my previous entry. As so often happens in the publishing process, my upcoming Clockwork Century novella Clementine has encountered a change of plans. Rather than coming out at the […]

May 27, 2010

I have no idea how to recap the last week. If you were keeping up with my Twitter feed you already got the highlights version (the very slimmest of highlights, anyway); and if you attended any of my events, then you already know something about the recent chaos which has been my life (and I […]