And now for a much shorter follow-up – given its own post because I was afraid that it’d get lost in the epic spiel which is my previous entry.

As so often happens in the publishing process, my upcoming Clockwork Century novella Clementine has encountered a change of plans. Rather than coming out at the end of this month, it’ll debut in just a few more weeks – by mid-June, I believe – and it will now feature cover art by Jon Foster. (Foster is the artist who supplied the source material for the Boneshaker and Dreadnought covers, both from Tor.)

Subterranean explains the change and shows off the new cover art here.

5 thoughts on “Clementine

  1. James Floyd Kelly

    Okay… that cover is REALLY awesome.

  2. Thanks – I agree. I think it’s going to look great :)

  3. DEFINITELY – can’t wait for it to come. I’m so enjoying reading about you rushing around all over the place. Soon as I get my copy of Boneshaker back I’m reading it again!!

  4. Dale

    Hope there is an epub version! Boneshaker was great!

  5. shane

    I’ve read Boneshaker and I just finished dreadnought I loved them both and now I’m left wondering how Mercy is getting along within the walls. I cant wait to read Clementine. Your a fantastic writer!

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