May 25, 2010

I’m in New York City. In the last 24 hours I’ve met scads of people (many of them, people I’ve known online or via phone for ages). I climbed an iron ladder and looked at the city from a very tall roof with a statue of a naked man on it. I got to have supper with a very cool B&N dude, I ran around with both my Tor and Bantam editors, I shook hands and made the rounds at both of their respective offices, and I read like hell at a crowded little bar full of steampunks and the steampunk-curious.

My voice is now shot and I am utterly wiped out. I’m trying to keep my Twitter feed a bit updated, but I ain’t gonna lie – I’m busy over here. And tomorrow’s not looking too much looser.

Anyway. Lots of love, folks.
I’m outta here for now.

One thought on “May 25, 2010

  1. Glad to see SOMEONE is being productive. My family is on their way to World Steam Expo, while I am stuck at home with no transportation.
    Luckily, I do have Boneshaker to keep me company. My daughter has read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. She is a spoiler hater, so is careful not to divulge anything prematurely to me. I look forward to tomorrw’s read. With no one else in the house, I should be able to get much farther.
    You have quite a picturesque writing style. Some writers leave me pausing to build the scene in my head, but your work flows smoothly. For someone who lives in a house full of distracions, that keeps me focused on your story, and makes for a most enoyable read.
    I wish SPATSFEST steampunk convention, Asheville, NC, weekend of Jan 29th, was big enough to justify courting your presence out here. Alas, we still have some growing to do.
    Anyhow, curse the airlines, rest well, regain your voice, and live to write again.

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