May 23, 2010

Well folks, it’s been an absolute delight in all ways possible – but now the Victoria Steam Expo is over, and I’m settling in for the evening. I’d better, considering that a car will be here to pick me up in less than eight hours. It’s going to be a hell of an early morning, but then – the airport, and then (eventually) NYC for the Book Expo. You’d think I’d be all expo’d out by now, but no! One more to go.

But before I leave Canada, I’d like to send out a HUGE round of thanks to Jordan and Zandra Stratford for pulling the whole thing together – and for going to a whole lot of trouble to bring me out here. Being immersed in all this Victoriana has left me feeling optimistic, creatively refreshed – and ready to get back to work when I get home. [:: does a little dance ::]

Next up, books and agents and editors, oh my!
And I hope to see some of you readers out at the Steam Salon on Tuesday night.

2 thoughts on “May 23, 2010

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    A HUGE success and all your fault. Come back sometime when I can just show you ’round old Victorian weirdness, and get you into some of those wonderful gingerbread houses.


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    Did you get to go on the submarine at the museum?

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