May 22, 2010

After a quite pleasant and virtually uneventful trip on the Victoria Clipper, Aric and I arrived safely and warmly in Victoria, British Columbia – where we were met by Jordan and Zandra Stratford. Jordan and Zandra showed us around and took us out for coffee; and as if they weren’t already 100% awesome, they had a puppy along for the ride! Reader, I squeed. I also got my hand lovingly nommed on for quite some time. Ah, teething babies.

After a couple hours of seeing the sights and sipping the brew, we checked in to our room at the beautiful Fairmont Empress hotel — which couldn’t be more lovely, scenic, and exquisitely creepy if it went out of its way and tried. Without going into even the slightest hint of exaggeration, I love absolutely everything about this place.

Last night, once everyone was settled and showers had been taken and dressing-up had been undergone, we all met up in the Bengal Lounge for drinks and shenanigans. In addition to the aforementioned Jordan and Zandra, we found Diana Vick and Ericka Mulkey — the marvelous Unwoman — as well as some folks who I liked very much but do not know well enough to link. Following this, since we were all dressed up and the city was still lit up, we went for a walk around the harbor, then to bed, where we crashed.

Victoria is absolutely gorgeous, I’ll have you to know.
I could wander around it for weeks.

But anyway! It’s coming up on ten o’clock here, which means registration is about to begin. I told myself that I would only allow myself a little bit of time online – just to catch up, check messages, etcetera, and then I’d run back up to the room to shower and change, and make myself a little more dressed up than the “Just rolled out of bed and desperately needed some waffles” look that I’m presently rocking. The pretty people are out and about in force, and I wish to join them!

But first, a quick announcement that landed while I was away from the internets: Boneshaker has scored another foreign language sale. Spanish rights, ahoy! I am absolutely tickled pink, for this makes France, Spain, and the Czech Republic thus far. WHO ELSE WANTS SOME, EH? (What? I’m in Canada. I can totally tack on a “eh” for emphasis. I’m pretty sure it’s allowed.)

Great is my w00t!

2 thoughts on “May 22, 2010

  1. Thank you for mentioning Unwoman! I’d never heard of her before but clicked to her website out of curiosity and now I’m in love with her music. I just wish I could afford to buy all her albums right now. Also that it was likely she’d play near me anytime soon…

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Victoria is beautiful in the Spring, you picked the perfect season to go.

    Did you happen to have afternoon tea at the Empress? It’s always a treat. Come back and see us again!

    Tassie for Clipper Vacations

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