May 20, 2010

Over the last few days, several questions have popped up in my inbox again and again – so I’m going to take a moment to address them en masse.

  • When will Clementine be out? Not 100% positive on this one, but I am led to understand that it will be sometime around the end of July. Final details are being arranged at this very moment. It’s coming, I promise.

  • Can I have an ARC of Dreadnought? Maybe. Are you a librarian, book store stock-acquiring person, reviewer, or other media-type person? Drop me an email at, noting your profession and snail mail information – and I can pass your info along to the publicity department at Tor. All ARCs originate from Tor, not from me. My 3 ARCs are spoken for.

  • I totally have a blog. Do I count as a reviewer or media-type person? Maybe, maybe not. Supply is limited, and sometimes the publicity folks at Tor (quite understandably) get choosy. If you have an established book-reviewing website, then probably yes. If you don’t, then probably no.

  • Is that Briar on the cover of the Dreadnought ARC? No. That’s Vinita May Swakhammer Lynch. Make of that name what you will :)

  • Why is Clementine published by Subterranean and not Tor? I had a novella-length story I wanted to tell, set in the Clockwork Century universe. Tor isn’t generally interested in novellas. Subterranean publishes novellas. I work with Subterranean a lot anyway. (I’m an associate editor there, and they’ve already published 2 of my other shorter projects.) Subterranean was awesome and said, “All ur novella are belong to us!” And I was all like, “Cool!” No nasty publisher wars or anything, I promise.

  • So which one’s the sequel to BoneshakerClementine or Dreadnought? Both of them. Or neither of them, depending on how you look at it. Both projects are set in the same universe, and both feature some of the same characters having adventures in the wake of what happens in Boneshaker. But both are independent stories which center around new characters and conflicts. Read them together, read them out of order, read just one of ’em. You should be fine, regardless.

  • But I have QUESTIONS about what happened at the end of Boneshaker! Yes, the ending left some possibilities afloat, I know (MWOO HA HA HA). Some of your questions will be answered in Dreadnought, particularly those questions regarding Briar and Zeke. Some of your questions will be answered in Clementine, particularly those regarding the air pirates.

And there you go. Of course, if you have a question you’d like to ask or add to the FAQ pile, just drop me a comment either here or on the LJ (where my website cross-posts). Or send an email to the address posted above in the bit about the ARC queries.

And now I must dash off, clean house a bit, maybe run another load of laundry, go to the bank, plow through some more day-job work, and start packing. Have a good afternoon, everyone.

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