Last minute stuff

Now with MORE BULLETS! Well, it feels like the most efficient way to lay this all out. So here goes:

  • Victorian Steam Exposition – AKA, “Where I will be tomorrow.” The hubs and I are getting up at a ridiculous hour and heading to the pier to catch the Clipper – and then, steam-party time! I cannot WAIT to see Victoria and/or the awesome folks who have made this happen.

  • Steam Salon in NYC – AKA, “Where I’ll be on Tuesday night.” Again, I am thrilled – and can’t wait!

  • The Book Expo America – AKA, “Where I’ll be the rest of the time I’m in NYC.” Can. Not. Wait.

Right! Yes, there you go. I will have my laptop with me, but cannot vouch for my (a). access to internet, (b). free time for bloggature, nor (c). energy to do so. Likely you’ll find me at the usual places, though – which is to say, my Twitter feed, where posting is quick and painless.

Now for a couple of bonus bullets, which I wanted to offset for emphasis and personal joy:

  • Boneshaker – Has gone into a 7th printing. Go book, go!

  • Dreadnought now has a Macmillan listing – No, there’s no official cover yet; as I’ve mentioned before, that’s still up in the air – regardless of what you see on the ARCs. But the best part about the Macmillan listing is that you can find the first chapter of Dreadnought excerpted and live on-site. right here. (Scroll down.)

And that’s all the news that’s fit to blog at the moment – which is good, because I have to run around like a looney getting everything ready to leave at the crack of dawn. Many preemptive thanks go to Ellen and Suezie, who will be kitty-sitting (and fish-sitting) for us while we’re gone. Let the record reflect: They rock. And as for me, I’ll catch you guys on the other side of the border, and on the other side of the continent.

2 thoughts on “Last minute stuff

  1. Great news about Boneshaker! Have fun in Canada. It’s a wonderful country we live in. Victoria is beyond beautiful. NYC is gonna rock! Safe travels.

  2. Read the excerpt; I’m so pre-ordering!! “they did a brief and awkward dance” — WHY do I love your turns of phrases? While just a completely ordinary moment, as usual, you make it come alive visually. Love your work.

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