bad news/good news

Bad news: The limited edition of Clementine (signed, numbered, with bonus chapbook) is all sold out – a month before it’s even available, yes. This is good for me, but bad for you if you’ve meant to pick one up and haven’t gotten around to it. My apologies.

Good news: The trade edition is still available. (And it’s cheaper!)

One thought on “bad news/good news

  1. some call me Tim

    Wow, I’m glad I ordered when I did. Congrats on the sell-out!

    And congrats on Boneshaker earning out too! Frankly, I’m surprised that Boneshaker took as long as it did. I jumped that bandwagon a bit late, just finishing it last week. It was a hell of a book and I can’t wait for Dreadnought.

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