May 18, 2010

It’s been a great day over here at the homestead so far, boy howdy lemme tell you. First of all, I got my statement in the mail and HOLY CRAP Y’ALL – Boneshaker has earned out its advance! This means that I actually got a royalty check! Not a huge check, but a check all the same! ON ITS VERY FIRST STATEMENT!

[:: dies and is ded ::]

This is a personal first – and if I haven’t leveled up, then I have at least eaten one of those blossomy plant things that gives me the ability to shoot fireballs.

After dancing around like a monkey for awhile, I dragged the husband down the street for Mai Tais, because this called for some celebrating. I might still be a little … um … cheerful. Even as I type this. [:: ahem ::]

If you’d like to know the OTHER reason this has been such a good day so far, well, I suppose you will just have to click the jump below! Why? Because I’m feeling contrary, that’s why. Also, sense of MYSTERY and REVELATION. Also I like jumps. SO. Click the link [:: points down at the link ::]

BOOYAH. Who’s got Dreadnought ARCs? I DO!

[:: does the cabbage patch ::]
[:: does the sprinkler ::]
[:: does the running man ::]
[:: does not care that she looks like a doofus ::]


To those of you who may be wondering why I’m posting this grainy cameraphone shot rather than the actual cover art, well, it’s like this: I don’t know if that’s the final cover art or not. There is still some debate over what’s actually going onto the front of this-here book; but this is what they ran with for the Advance Reader’s Copy, so it’s all cool with me. Beats the black-and-white HERE’S YOUR BOOK blank ones they usually print. Much sexier, this.

Anyway. When there’s a final word on the subject, you can bet that I’ll tell you all about it here. Until then, there you go. It MIGHT look like this.

28 thoughts on “May 18, 2010

  1. Tina Black

    They can keep this. I like it. I’ll buy it.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate it.


  3. Since I saw the twitpic and twitter post – YAY! ARCS of a book I can’t wait to read…and added bonus, a real live royalty check! Atta woman! You go!

  4. You are all manner of awesome today. Rad news all around. :) ::joins in the dancing::

  5. wow! wow! wow!
    that IS freaking wonderful news all around!

  6. Thanks guys! DANCE WITH ME, Y’ALL!

    [:: hammertime ::]

  7. William Hafner

    What’s not to like? A beautiful red-head with guns. My kryptonite (oops, gave away my sole wekness-don’t tell)

  8. William Hafner

    Oh course I meant “weakness”. It’s working already. Type…ing…skills..weak..en…in…………………

  9. Dirtwitch

    OooOOOOo!! Hawt. Yeah, I’d pick that up.

  10. Woo! Congrats!!

    And I LOVE that cover!!! Love it!

  11. Gonna buy the book no matter the cover. That said, looks pretty good to me.

  12. Love BONESHAKER & am doing the Happy Dance for you! Congratulations! You deserve this! That cover for DREADNOUGHT looks awesome. Can’t wait till it’s published, so I can buy a copy. Happy celebrating!

  13. [::kermit flail::]


  14. Love the cover. That’s a mean-looking lady, with or without the pistols. The grungy cowboy type is pretty perfect too.

    @William Hafner: Are you THE Dr. Will Hafner who I worked with in Bothell?

  15. <kermit dance>Yaaaaay! </kermit dance>

  16. I think this is a great cover. And will there be ARC’s for Libraries? Like the #2 busiest library in the county that is right in your back yard? (King County).
    Just askin’

  17. What wonderful news. All of it!

  18. Awesome! Good news deserves celebration. Double good news deserves moar. :)

  19. William Hafner


    Sorry. He’s not me. (or is it, me not he? or maybe me not me? Ah Crap! Still under the effects of that awesome cover.)
    Query for Cherie: Do we get an author photo this go ’round?

  20. As I said … I want Dreadnought NOW, and I want *this* cover!!!

  21. At the very east, I need new wallpaper for my other computer. I have Boneshaker on one, I need this really great cover of Dreadnought for the other.

  22. Michelle

    Holy kick-ass. Cannot wait to read it! Make them keep the cover!

  23. Thanks so much everyone! I’m glad you’re looking forward to it (believe me!).

    And Deborah – I know for a fact that oodles of ARCs are going to librarians this next weekend (at BEA); if you won’t be there, kick me your contact info at and I’ll pass it along to my publicist – who might well be able to slip you one.


  24. John H

    Assuming that’s Briar, it looks like she’s ready to plug a few zombies…

    Awesome cover! (and Conga Rats on the good news!)

    PS: How would one go about scoring one of those loverly ARCs?

  25. Evelyn

    CONGRATS on all the good news! I found you through Boneshaker, and I’m glad to see you’re doing well with it. Both my daughter and I loved it, a vivid portrait of a different world. YOU GO GIRL (erm, WOMAN)!

    cheers and hoping for a sequel!

  26. Excellent news!

    Like the ARC cover as well. Hanging out for Dreadnought

  27. Congratulations. This is a real milestone. I love the book and, like Evelyn really want a sequel! You must be totally thrilled – GO GIRL!!!!!!

  28. I think I’m gonna have to Overdose on your books this summer!! You have definitely leveled up.
    “You my nerfherder!” (Fiss-bump on dat.)
    Should I start the stalking yet?

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