May 14, 2010

Helloooo weekend! This is Nebula weekend, in fact, and I’m feeling hideously left out of the festivities in Cocoa Beach – where the whole SFWA crew watched the shuttle launch this afternoon. Ah, well. I’ve seen a launch or two in my time,* but still, I’m sad to miss this one.

Tomorrow the Nebula award ceremony will be held at that same locale, and obviously I’ll miss that too – however, assuming I can keep my East-Coast/West-Coast times straight, I’ll be watching the event live from this stream on the SFWA site.

You never know! Boneshaker might win!

[:: crosses fingers ::]
[:: wishes real hard ::]
[:: does a little voodoo dance ::]

In all seriousness and honesty, it would be an absolute privilege to lose to anybody on that list – and if I lose, hey. Good excuse to gorge myself on fish sandwiches while wearing silly hats and hanging out with friends.**

Anyway. Not much else going on around here – certainly nothing to top the Nebulas. Today I did my allotment of day-job work, spent some time on the phone with a friend, and went to get my hair touched up in advance of all this upcoming travel. (Result: Here.)

I’m not leaving for Victoria until next Friday morning, but (a). I don’t wash my hair but a couple times a week, and (b). in my experience, the Crayola hair is at its peak awesome after the first shampoo or two. I intend to cross that border with my hair at the VERY PEAK OF AWESOME. Yes. Can’t have our neighbors to the north thinking I’m some kind of vibrant slob.

So. I believe that just about covers it. Nothing else to report. But the sun is out (ta-da!) and its a nice afternoon, so I think I’ll head outside to suck up some Vitamin D. Have a most excellent weekend, everyone.

* When you’re a schoolkid in central Florida, there are two “big” field trips: St. Augustine, and the Cape. At least, that’s how it was when I was a kid, in the 80s.
** Hint: I was already planning to do that anyway.

One thought on “May 14, 2010

  1. Good luck for the Nebula awards! I’ve got everything crossed for Boneshaker!

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