May 10, 2010

Man, I’ve been a terrible blogger as of late. There’s been a lot going on – that’s my only excuse; but the bulk of it doesn’t make for scintillating blogging or anything. Mostly I’m just tweaking and firming plans for future travel and events, sorting out a new laptop (tiny and shiny! Two of my favorite things), scrambling to pull together projects, scrapping one of those projects due to lack of awesome, and generally playing catch-up with day-job work – trying to get ahead a bit before the end of this month, when things get weird.

By “weird” I mean the following – On May 21 (at the ass-crack of dawn), the husband and I are heading up to Victoria, B.C., for the Victorian Steam Expo (which is going to be FANTASTIC, I tell you); then on Sunday the husband is coming back to Seattle; then on Monday I’m flying out for New York City (technically BEFORE the ass-crack of dawn, ye gods) in order to attend a few days of the Book Expo America.

It’ll be a mess, but it’ll be a marvelous mess. I cant wait! Also, I am a little nervous. But mostly, I can’t wait!

Today I’ve spent the early half of my afternoon tweaking my itinerary, printing out EVERYTHING and making sure all is well before the trip. I’m a little neurotic, and every time I leave town (especially for an unfamiliar destination) I make sure I have hard copies on hand of every confirmation number, receipt, booking, and reservation. Hey, it’s saved me before, once or twice. It’s better to be prepared than just hope for the best, that’s what I say.

Anyway! What else is new? Hmm … let’s see. Time for bullets:

  • The Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition – The OSE has invited me to be literary guest of honor at their fine event next year, which is groovy because (a). they’re my first confirmed appearance for 2011, and (b). I have friends in OKC who I haven’t seen in ages, and I do believe we shall rectify that.

  • Do you speak/read Polish? If so, you can read my old story “Little Wards” in translation – for free – over at the link. My first venture into Polish! Very cool, I say. Very cool indeed.

  • Sweet and Spicy Mac and Cheese – The husband and I stopped by the Deschutes Brewery for lunch last time we were in Portland, and I had this dish. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I totally freaked out over it, and then my spouse pointed out that they posted recipes on their webpage. So yesterday I gathered the ingredients and made it at home. IT WAS JUST AS DELICIOUS THIS TIME. I post the recipe here because a bunch of people on Twitter demanded that I link it – even after I’d linked it already over there, but whatever. Here you go again.

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2 thoughts on “May 10, 2010

  1. Kelly G

    I didn’t know we had a Steam Expo. At the Empress, too. I think I’ll be there, since I live just a few blocks away!

    If you get a chance, I think you’d love walking through the old town.

  2. Excellent! I look forward to seeing you there. And I do hope I get some time to wander, while I’m there …

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