May 5, 2010

I’m getting back into the swing of things over here, but this morning I got up later than I meant to — so it’s been a day of catching up. Days like this are always an exercise in futility. No matter how much I accomplish, I can’t shake the feeling that everything should’ve taken less time, or been finished earlier. Self-flagellation for the win.

Anyway. The day ain’t over yet, I know, but the husband will be home before long. In related news, I wish I had an office.*

But here’s the progress on the new steam-horror fin de siecle project about ghosts, guilt, elder gods, and monster-hunting in the aftermath of two gruesome murders:

    Project: (tentative title) Maplecroft
    Deadline: None
    New words written: 1349
    Present total word count: 10,211 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: The weirdness spreads. And oh, hey, look! I crested 10,000 words. Doesn’t mean anything, really. But every small victory — or small milestone — is worth remarking when you’re going this pitifully slow.

    Things accomplished in real life: Lots of dayjob work; cleaned house a little; one email interview; lots of other assorted business emailing back and forth; wrestled with Dreadnought‘s pass proofs (due May 19); went to post office; received last bit of next dayjob project; sulked because I didn’t go on my daily “run” (was up too late, couldn’t work it into the day).

    Other: I’m really tired. But I only have two weeks before I start traveling again (and traveling a LOT for the next few months). This combined with the continuing editorial deadlines I have looming on 2 other projects … means that that if I want any hope of selling this project this year, I have about two weeks to create enough content and a good enough proposal to possibly sell it on spec. Well. There you go, I guess. That’s what’s up next. I don’t know if I can do it or not, but I’m going to try.

    Total Official Word Count of 2010: 33,267 words

* I work in a corner of the living room/dining room/kitchen. Our apartment is less than 800 square feet, and it basically has three rooms: the bedroom, the bathroom, and everything else. Forget the bedroom/office thing. There’s no room in there. Our building is old, and it was built back when bedrooms were meant to hold one double bed and virtually nothing else. We have a queen size bed, and it’s jammed in there sideways, taking up almost all the available square footage. No, I’m not joking. It’s less a “bedroom” than a “cubbyhole.”

6 thoughts on “May 5, 2010

  1. In reference to your * post…Time for an upgrade? Any reason you don’t/can’t find a slightly larger area? Spain needs more room….LOL

  2. Any reason? Seriously? There are a hundred reasons, all of them mundane and non-negotiable.

    Chief among them: This IS the upgrade. We can’t afford anything bigger in Seattle.

  3. Wow, didn’t realize Seattle’s market was so high end. Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you…

    Even with no office you still crank out some good stuff.

    Here’s wishing you the best.

  4. LS

    What kind of day job do you have?

  5. ericka shayne

    Sweet Angry Jesus, that bedroom description is precisely why, from Kent, I moved south to Olympia, rather than into Seattle (which makes me feel claustrophobic thinking about it). You are a trooper.

  6. Thomas – thanks. And not upset, just frustrated at life in general. We’ve moved twice in the four years we’ve been in Seattle. This is the nicest, biggest place so far. And it’s tiny, and not that great.

    LS – I’m an associate editor for Subterranean Press.

    Ericka – Not a trooper. A woman who lacks options.

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