May 4, 2010

A few brief bits of morning miscellany, before the day gets underway in earnest:

BOOKSLUT on Clementine – I’ve been watching the reception of this story with even more intense interest than is usual for a brand new book. It was a tough tale to write; I struggled to strike a balance between difficult truths and awesome adventures, and so far, readers seem to be largely along for the ride (thank heaven).

Libby’s still posting photos – One more from that shoot last week. I like all the shots I’ve seen so far, but this one stands out. The color and composition is different and weird — the shot was taken inside a 100-year-old freight elevator — and I’m not wearing the over-jacket, so you can see the outfit I’d thrown together. Say it with me, kids: Brown is great, but steampunk has plenty of room for color fun.

New site design – If you’re reading this at you’ve no doubt already noticed, but since much of my traffic comes through LiveJournal or other feeds, I thought I’d post a heads up. Although all the dark brown and orange was warm and evocative, I wanted to brighten the place up a bit and streamline some of the features. I’d been getting a lot of email lately, asking after information which was readily available on the site … so clearly the page wasn’t quite as intuitive and navigable as I’d hoped. Well, we’ll try this new thing for awhile. And one of these days when I have lots of money, I’ll pay someone to design me up something a little more personal.

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