May 3, 2010

I’m back from Penguicon and actually awake this morning, having spent nearly 12 hours catching up on the sleep I lost over the long weekend. It’s a good thing, too. I need to be awake. I’m absolutely staggered by how much stuff piles up when one spends four days away from one’s work and email duties.

But the weekend was a blast, as Penguicon always is. This particular event serves as my primary “relax-a-con,” which is to say, I don’t bring anything but carry-on luggage and I don’t bother with costumes or (more often than not) even my contacts. Most of the weekend I’m just a bespectacled, blue-jeans-wearing, tee-shirt-buying fool. And best of all, I get to see a lot of the folks who I only manage to catch intermittently throughout the year. I’m a social girl, but both of my jobs require me to work at home, alone. All the time. So these conventions are my best and biggest opportunities to hobnob with my fellows, and get a little out-of-the-house facetime with the world at large.

These things wear me out, but I’m immensely grateful for them all the same.

* * *

When I returned home I found that (1). the husband cleaned the apartment (very good of him!), (2). my cat was overjoyed to find her favorite daytime bathrobe-wearer back again for the lap-sitting, and (3). Libby Bulloff posted another portrait from our shoot together last week. Lucky me indeed.

Anyway. Today I am predictably swamped, and will likely not be online very much; but if you’re expecting an email from me, I’ll try to make it happen sometime this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “May 3, 2010

  1. test comment
    boogie boogie

  2. Boogie heard load and clear.

  3. loud and clear, sorry- playing resistance 2

  4. Shiny new design!
    Love, love the photo. Planning to use any of these as a future book photo?

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