Month: May 2010

May 30, 2010

Today I wrapped up copyedits on Bloodshot and dove back into Hellbent, all the while feeling a peculiar sense of delight – nay, joy – because I only have to write two books by the end of this year. Hey, last half of last year, it was four projects I was juggling at once. This is practically a vacation.

So here are recent stats on my second urban fantasy adventure — this time with my neurotic undead thief, her shady agent, a cigar box full of magical penis bones, a mentally ill former NASA engineer-turned-sorceress, and the continued fabulosity of a Cuban drag queen:

Project: Hellbent
Deadline: August 9, 2010
New words written: 3434 (Not all today, though. Some yesterday)
Present total word count: 15,079 words

Things accomplished in fiction: Received first major inkling that the “easy gig” is not going to be so much “easy gig” as “giant mess.” But hey, there’s a kitten. Don’t worry. No ill will befall the kitten.

Things accomplished in real life: Day-job work (woo boy howdy, do I feel behind on that); hundreds of pages of copyedits on Bloodshot, which goes back into the mail tomorrow (had to ask for an extension on this, as the original deadline fell in the middle of last week, HA HA HA); went out on my lunchtime excursion, though I skipped the running part.

Other: I got out of the running habit when I broke the toe, and the truth is, I’m not very good at it anyway. I have crazy flat feet, and I get godawful cramps, so screw it. I’m still doing the same routine, up and down hills, for the same distance … I’m just walking it now (at a pretty good pace). It takes about 35 minutes instead of the 18-20 it did while running, but I’m in a lot less pain and I’m still getting some exercise, so it will suffice.

Total Official Word Count of 2010: 38,796 words

May 29, 2010

This morning we awoke to find that Merrimack the Fish had passed away during the night. The truth is, we knew she was ailing – though we’d been doing everything possible to keep her comfortable, in hopes that she might recover. Everyone and every source I consulted gave me the same advice, and in the end, I am confident that we did everything within our power to preserve her little life, and the quality thereof.

Rest in Peace, Merry.
I hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed having you.

* * *

But over the last few years, I’ve grown accustomed to having something cheerfully swimming around in the living room tank – and at the risk of sounding callous, I can’t bear to have it empty.

Let me be clear: I loved Howard, who we kept nearly three years; and I loved Merry, though she was with us less than a third of that time. I take all forms of animal companionship as a sincere and serious responsibility, and every single critter under my care receives the best love and maintenance that I am capable of providing. Pet ownership is a kind of contract, after all. “You are mine, and you will depend on me – and so I am yours, and you can depend on me.”

Anyway, as of this morning the household was short one resident … and we had an opening in the Good Home Department. Was it too soon to rectify that situation? I don’t think so. I’ll be the first to admit that if we’d lost the cat, it would be different. We’ve had her nearly ten years, and she sleeps with us, and she talks to us, and she follows us around and snuggles and begs to be hugged. It’s simply not the same thing.

But I missed my fish, and I wanted another one. So I dragged the husband out this afternoon, and together we made a flashy, wet little addition to the family. Click ye the jump below (or simply scroll, if you’ve clicked to this post directly) to make the acquaintance of “Tesla Rex, the Electric Lord” in all his shimmering glory.

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May 29, 2010

By way of general announcement, there’s a rumor going around that I’ll be guest of honor at ConFusion 2011 in Michigan … and I’ll have you to know that the rumor is true! It’s actually my second confirmed appearance of this sort for 2011, which frankly blows my mind – what with this still being only May of 2010 and all. But hey, I’ll take it!

I’m absolutely delighted and honored, and I’m totally looking forward to this convention. The Michigan crowd has always been very kind to me, and I’m happy for the chance to return.