April 28, 2010

Heads up, internet – tomorrow morning I’ll be flying out to Detroit in order to participate in the annual awesomeness which is PenguiCon. I won’t be bringing my laptop (it’s heavy) or any costumes/dress-up clothes (nothing but carry-on), but I’ll be all over the place in plain-clothes (and blue hair, so I’m easy to spot).

So in short, I’ll be able to check email (helloooo smart-phone) but I won’t have internet access, and I won’t be responding to much of anything unless it’s crazy important – in which case you should probably just call me (if you might need to call me, I’m pretty sure you already have my number). I will, however, be posting occasional (sometimes photographic) updates over on my Twitter feed because hey – that’s easy to do by phone.

Anyway, yes. Detroit. Me. There. If you’re there too attending the same convention, swing by. I wear a six-foot circle of NO SHYNESS ZONE around me at all times. Totally come up and say “hello.”


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3 thoughts on “April 28, 2010

  1. Mike

    Another year, another Penguicon. Can’t wait for the madness to begin again.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting this weekend (I had the “gardening Batman” shirt). Can’t wait to read Boneshaker, I’m glad they still had a copy in the Dealer’s Room and that you hadn’t left yet. Thanks for making the long trip to Detroit :)

  3. Test comment, boogie boogie

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