things I’ve been told vs. partytime in my bloomers

If someone tells you that steampunks have to wear lots of brown and glue gears to their hats and have very good posture and sip tea with their pinky fingers sticking out and anyway, they’re a bunch of stuffy jerks who live in sepia and don’t have any fun …

… kindly reply with your middle finger.

I reject your reality and replace it with my own!

12 thoughts on “things I’ve been told vs. partytime in my bloomers

  1. Yeah, they’re forgetting the “punk” part.

  2. My sentiments exactly.

  3. Alex aka adiav

    I love your gloves. And your coat. And your boots. Oh my, this is embarrassing.

  4. Thanks. The gloves were Libby’s (I don’t know where she got them). The boots are Fluevog. The coat I found in a secondhand store. :)

  5. But you’re not wearing goggles! How can you possibly be steampunk if you’re not wearing goggles?!

    Also, I was so distracted by that awesome hat the first time I looked at this picture that I missed the writing on the gloves entirely. Good times. =)

  6. I saw you tagged in that photo on facebook and thought it was a really cool pic. Also, just because the photos from the Victorian and Edwardian may often be sepia toned, it doesn’t mean the real life of the period was. It’s like thinking the WW2 era was black and white. Anyone who has seen a well restored Victorian home knows that, if anything, they were colorful. So, yeah, total middle finger to that. :)

  7. Chris

    While I am fond of the wit of “Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown,” Steampunk…is what you make it.

    Rock on, blue-hair girl.

  8. Chris

    And…returns, drink in one hand, waggling other index finger in general direction of stuffy fun-detractors: have they forgotten the “punk” in “Steampunk”?

  9. catfriend

    Oh, my… It sounds like you need a margarita, and fortunately you live in a part of town with plenty of watering holes. So take a deep breath, dress in riotous colors, and go have one. Or three.

  10. So that should totally be your back flap photo on DREADNOUGHT. In case it’s not.

  11. LS

    We’re about the same age and I bought some purple hair dye a few weeks ago and then chickened out, thinking I was too old for it. You are a huge inspiration to me.

  12. Mouse

    The photo and sentiment both rock. You go, girl!

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