April 20, 2010

Until today, I hadn’t written any fiction in weeks. I’ve been too tied up in editorial process (on 2 other projects, with a third looming) and doing promotional stuff — interviews, signings, business emails, and the like. As I said on Twitter, these days my job as a writer is about 50% writing, 50% All That Other Stuff. But lately it’s been more like 10% writing, 90% All That Other Stuff.

Eh. The ratio should reverse — or at least stabilize, it is to be hoped — by the end of the month.

Anyway, for now all new fiction composition has to go onto the back burner while I wrap up yet more edits. But tonight, after a respectable day’s work in the revision mines, I took a little time to fiddle with something else. And honestly? It went well. I feel pretty good about it.

So here’s today’s progress on the new steam-horror fin de siecle project about ghosts, guilt, elder gods, and monster-hunting in the aftermath of two gruesome murders:

    Project: (tentative title) Maplecroft
    Deadline: None
    New words written: 2136
    Present total word count: 7373 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: Introduced the third POV character and her mad-science-esque laboratory.

    Things accomplished in real life: Editorial work most of the day; morning hobble (instead of run, due to recent toe-carnage) – 38 minutes); laundry, including the bedding.

    Other: Toe still hurts. But the swelling has stabilized, at least.

    Total Official Word Count of 2010: 30,429 words

One thought on “April 20, 2010

  1. LS

    Having any time for fiction sounds like a fantastic life. I am so bogged down in non-fiction to pay the bills that I never get any time for my fiction. It feels like my life is always on hold, waiting until I have time for my fiction.

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