toe-mash and sweeter things

Monday’s State-of-the-Toe: Party-toe don’t stop the beat until the po-po shuts it down. Which is to say, it’s still throbbing and now more purpley than before, but I crammed it into a pair of Keds in order to run a Walgreens errand all the same. Now I’m afraid to remove the shoe for fear of what I’ll find. (Prediction: Bloody sock.)

But in better, less-toe-pulpy news, Boneshaker is a finalist for the 2010 Locus Award! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who went over there and cast a vote — I’m 100% psyched to have made the ballot, and I’m absolutely honored to have a place on that list.

The only downside is that I can’t attend the ceremony, even though it’s right here in Seattle. Alas, the awards weekend is scheduled at the same time as the ALA conference in D.C., and I’m already confirmed for that (with plane tickets and everything). Ah, well. It’s amazing all the same, and once again, I simply can’t thank you reading, voting folks enough.

3 thoughts on “toe-mash and sweeter things

  1. Congratulations! Though I’m sorry about your toe and sorry you won’t be in town for the awards.

  2. Thank you, ma’am – and congrats again to you too! And I’m also sorry I won’t be around, but I fully expect to have a hoot at the ALA. Even so, it’s a shame. Since it’s right here in town, and everything.

  3. Congratulations! I’m about 1/5 thru Boneshaker now and am LOVING it. Totally the most fun SF I’ve read in a long time. Fingers crost for the Locus and the Hugo for you!

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