April 18, 2010

I think I’ve broken my toe. I’ve definitely smashed and torn the nail, and the whole wee nubbin is a little crooked – and starting to swell. I posted a picture of the damage over on Twitter (don’t click that if you’re of the sensitive stomach type); but it’s actually swollen more and turned darker since I snapped that shot.

The toe has been treated, bandaged, and taped to its neighbor. No, I’m not going to the ER, since all they’d do at the ER is treat it, bandage it, and tape it to its neighbor. I’m not looking for suggestions, either. The situation is under control. Painful, throbbing, swelling, purplish control.

Well, shit. This isn’t going to help improve my morning run times.
No sir. Not at all.

(How did it happen, you ask? Um … I got into a bar-fight with a robot, see, and I kicked it squarely through a window and it exploded out over the street — but I forgot I wasn’t wearing my steel-toed boots, and I realized once the adrenaline had worn off that I had a sock full of blood. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It had NOTHING TO DO with my failure of depth perception intersecting with a swiftly opened bathroom door.)

* * *

On the bright side (and totally unrelated) – I sprung for a pack of Hanes underpants from Target, in light of the recommendations stemming from yesterday’s post. So far, so good. No poon-seeking seams yet to report. I will, however, quite cheerfully report that I’m a size “small” outside the world of Victoria’s Secret – where the mediums haven’t fit well lately. I was afraid I’d have to upgrade to a “large” before long.

So it’s nice to have some perspective on that.

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7 thoughts on “April 18, 2010

  1. Yeah, when I broke my toe and posted it to Facebok (because I hate my followers *that* much) I got this:

    Facebook has suggested the tag:
    Ben and Jen’s Bachelor/ette Bash
    Would you like to approve this tag request?

    I mean … seriously? I have no idea who Ben and Jen are, nor do I think they’ll appreciate my broken toe to stand as testament to their coming nuptials (or perhaps it was a warning …).

    Regardless, feel better and tell your buddy toes that the current living arrangements are only temporary.

  2. Dan

    Ooof… Sorry to hear about the toe.

    On the plus side, it looks like you’ve got a dandy-fine excuse to not take up clog dancing for a while.

    See? Silver linings!

  3. Twilight2000

    a little ice should help the swelling go down – other than that – I’d take aspirin because I’m a complete woos ;> (and everything else you did is, as you noted, exactly what any medic would do ;>).

    Hope you feel better in the morning!

  4. Sherri

    No suggestions, but sympathy aplenty. I’ve broken my pinky toe twice by ramming into unsuspecting inanimate objects – first a door frame and then a metal bed frame. Both were characterized by a ring of bright blue bruising around the base of my toe and the inability to move (or even touch) it without pain for weeks in one case and months in another. I didn’t see the doctor either, for the same reasons you mention.

  5. Marissa

    Ouch. A similar thing happened to me last year when I did battle with a rogue can of water chestnuts. It was a sneak attack from a high cupboard, and my toes were there to break the fall.
    Hope you feel better.

  6. Well guys, this morning it *feels* a little better – but actually looks far worse. I’ll take it as a net gain, though. I don’t care how it looks. As long as I keep from walking on it, it’s just a dull throb at this point. Advil, here I come …


  7. I kicked a wall (the corner) while walking and busted my pinky two not once but twice. Definitely not pleasant, but hey, what can you do? Clumsiness wins out in the long run.

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