April 16, 2010

Last night’s event at the Garfield Book Company was really great — we had a good audience, good questions, and I even sold some books. Thanks tremendously to those of you who came out, and to the staff at the book store. I can’t recommend them enough. Great store, great crew. Five stars. Two thumbs up.

As for today, it’s been less stellar. I’m still fighting my way through a certain round of edits, though the end is kind of in sight. I’ll have them wrapped up by the end of next week, probably. Of course, then the other Swords of Damocles projects-awaiting-editorial will land in my lap and it’ll be back to square one. If I keep harping on it, it’s only because I’m in this frustrating loop where I have so much work to do right now that I don’t have time to develop the projects I need to create if I want to feed myself next year. Always better too much work than not enough, certainly. But if I can’t get some of these other stories off the ground, I’ll run into “not enough work” by winter.

Anyway. I spent today wrangling a small piece of a potential project, negotiating some important business-type emails, and crawling through these edits. Exhausting. Time-consuming. Boring to blog about. All of these things, yes. My apologies.

But tomorrow I’m going to take a break. Just a little one. (When you live and die by deadlines, there’s no such thing as a weekend.) I’ll be picking up Ellen for some fun-time and errand-running in Ballard, including lunch with Kat at our favorite purveyor of fish sandwiches. It’ll be a relief to get out of the house for the afternoon.

I know, I know. Tomorrow looks like a boring blogging day too. But look on the bright side: Maybe something exciting will happen, and we’ll get caught in the middle of a bank heist or do battle with ninjas. You never know, I guess.

2 thoughts on “April 16, 2010

  1. Take pictures. There just aren’t enough pictures on the interweb of ninja fights.

  2. Be careful if you battle with ninjas. Remember what those pirates did to your glasses!

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