April 13, 2010

And now, for few bits of not-altogether-unrelated news, strung together here for your reading pleasure. Oh, what the heck. Bullet points! Everybody loves bullets. Right?

  • Subterranean Press is having a sale – 1/2-off preorders, some restrictions apply, click the link for details, but whoo boy howdy … check out all the reading material available on the cheap! This offer is good through end-of-day on April 16.

  • Coincidentally enough, Clementine is available for preorderClementine is a novella-length follow-up to 2009’s Boneshaker. As you know if you’ve read Boneshaker … [:: CUE CAREFUL WORDING TO PREVENT SPOILERS ::] … at the end of that tale, the air captain Croggon Hainey loses something that is very, very important to him. Yes, well. Clementine is the story of how he goes and gets it back.

  • The early word on Clementine is pretty darn good – As you know if you subscribe to Scifi Magazine, a review of Clementine is to be found within the pages of the very newest (May) issue – which is to say, not the issue depicted here. (It’s coming! May’s issue only just landed in mailboxes, and it will land on newsstands shortly.)

The gentleman who composed the Scifi Magazine review has given me permission to repost it, so I offer him bonus thanks on all points – the review, the permission, and the grooviness of spirit. But since it’s a tiiiiiny bit spoilery with regards to the ending of Boneshaker (seriously. just a tiny bit, hardly even worth noting, but I’ll be careful just in case) … I’ll put it behind a cut. Click the link below to read it in full.

    By Cherie Priest
    208-page Deluxe Hardcover Edition
    Subterranean Press
    Grade A-
    Publication Date May 31 2010

    The latest in Priest’s steampunk series about an alternate Civil War that still rages in 1880, thanks in part to the wide availability of hydrogen airships, is an over-the-top romp driven by pirates, aerial battles, revenge, conspiracies, secret weapons, and a forced alliance between deadly enemies. (Just about the only thing it doesn’t have is true love.)

    The real-life Confederate spy Maria Isabella “Belle” Boyd, now fallen on hard times after she’s become too well-known to be of any further use to the South, accepts a job with the Pinkerton Detective Agency, which assigns her to go after the notorious airship pirate, escaped slave Captain Croggon Beauregard Hainey. It seems that Hainey’s been chasing after an airship that’s been stolen from him (after he stole it first, a distinction that Hainey finds pivotal). It now carries a shipment of components for a super-weapon that will be invaluable to the North, and which Boyd comes to see she doesn’t want realized either.

    Priest alternates chapters detailing Hainey’s quest to retake his stolen vessel and Boyd’s mission to intercept him – until circumstances inevitably place them on the same side. There are cliffhangers aplenty, and the world Priest has set up is a promising one, but the book’s real attraction is the well-realized portrayal of Boyd, who is as resourceful, charming, and dangerous as she was in real life.

4 thoughts on “April 13, 2010

  1. I’ve just started Boneshaker, and I must say that even though I’m not yet finished, I’m already excited at the prospect of a follow-up novella. It’s only going to make me want to zip through Boneshaker even faster! Keep it up Cherie, congratulations and good luck with the awards nominations!

  2. I confess I demolished Boneshaker in about 3 days I was so gripped by the story. I am thrilled you are up for a Hugo – it is SO well deserved. I am now telling everyone I know to read it.

  3. lynD

    w00t, I say w00t! Lookin’ forward to this one.

  4. Thanks so much, everyone! And I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner; for some reason or another, my site isn’t giving me comment alerts. Grr …

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