Not an April Fool’s post.

People have been asking me about Norwescon (since it starts, I think, technically … today?) — so here’s the scoop: I’m not a guest, and I’m not staying at the convention. I’m not participating in any way.

However, I will be hanging around tomorrow night. Euphemistically, you might say I’m attending BarCon. This is because I’ll be in the bar.

I’ll probably get there around suppertime, linger for a few hours … and then adjourn to the restaurant/bar on the top floor of the DoubleTree. It’s called Maxi’s Lounge (I think), and there you will find a steampunk party. Doors officially open to everyone at 10:00 p.m., and free copies of the spring (steampunk-themed) issue of Weird Tales will be handed out to the first couple hundred visitors.

(This officially exhausts my information on the subject. I just heard, “steampunk party” and I was all, “Count me in and stuff.”)

If you see me there — at the bar, or at the party — come on up and say “hello!” I’m always happy to sign stuff or just hang out and chat; in fact, that’s the primary reason I’m going. So don’t be shy. I’m easy to spot. The blue hair helps most people pick me out of a crowd, but if you’d like a little more precision, I look kind of like this. Only with less filtering.

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