Month: April 2010

April 28, 2010

Heads up, internet – tomorrow morning I’ll be flying out to Detroit in order to participate in the annual awesomeness which is PenguiCon. I won’t be bringing my laptop (it’s heavy) or any costumes/dress-up clothes (nothing but carry-on), but I’ll be all over the place in plain-clothes (and blue hair, so I’m easy to spot).

So in short, I’ll be able to check email (helloooo smart-phone) but I won’t have internet access, and I won’t be responding to much of anything unless it’s crazy important – in which case you should probably just call me (if you might need to call me, I’m pretty sure you already have my number). I will, however, be posting occasional (sometimes photographic) updates over on my Twitter feed because hey – that’s easy to do by phone.

Anyway, yes. Detroit. Me. There. If you’re there too attending the same convention, swing by. I wear a six-foot circle of NO SHYNESS ZONE around me at all times. Totally come up and say “hello.”


April 27, 2010

Despite Bonus! edits landing on two separate projects today, I carved out an hour or two for fiction. So here’s the progress on the new steam-horror fin de siecle project about ghosts, guilt, elder gods, and monster-hunting in the aftermath of two gruesome murders:

    Project: (tentative title) Maplecroft
    Deadline: None
    New words written: 1489
    Present total word count: 8862 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: It got weird.

    Things accomplished in real life: Day-job work (more than usual – I’m trying to finish a project before leaving for Penguicon on Thursday morning); more Bloodshot edits, though hopefully this is the last round (knock on wood, crossed fingers, etc.); started reading through the Dreadnought pass proofs (didn’t get very far, though); went out for my “run” (still not running, toe won’t have it – but I’m doing the walk and add some other exercise, which feels like it takes forever, yes); went to grocery store for a few things; cleaned kitchen.

    Other: I realize this is progressing slowly, but for heaven’s sake, I’ve been very, very, very busy. With a little luck, this most recent wave of Too Much Work will taper off by the end of the month, and when I get back from Penguicon I’ll have some actual honest-to-God writing time … at least for a couple of weeks. I know that in the past I’ve tried to do the I WILL WRITE FOR A LITTLE BIT EVERY DAY thing, and yay, that was all noble and shit. But this year I just haven’t had it in me. Too many other things have needed my attention in a concrete, immediate way – and trying to get new projects off the ground when no one has bought them yet so they don’t have a contract or a deadline or anything … is really hard. This, of course, translates to its own set of problems: If I don’t start new projects and sell them, then I will run out of work in a very concrete, immediate way. Subsequent starvation and obscurity ensue. So I’m trying. Okay?

    Other, redux: The toe hurts a lot less. The nail is purple and the very tip is bruised all to hell, but it’s not as bad as it could be. I’m walking without limping, mostly – depending on my shoes. So there’s that.

    Total Official Word Count of 2010: 31,918 words

things I’ve been told vs. partytime in my bloomers

If someone tells you that steampunks have to wear lots of brown and glue gears to their hats and have very good posture and sip tea with their pinky fingers sticking out and anyway, they’re a bunch of stuffy jerks who live in sepia and don’t have any fun …

… kindly reply with your middle finger.

I reject your reality and replace it with my own!