March 24, 2010

Hey everyone! This afternoon, Aric and I will be hopping a train to Portland, where we’ll be lurking until Saturday morning. Our purpose for this visit is twofold:

  • Think Out Loud: Northwest Passages — This marvelous Oregon Public Broadcasting show has invited me to appear on Thursday morning, starting at 9:00 a.m. We’ll be talking steampunk, Boneshaker and the Clockwork Century, costuming, cornball alternate history theories, and what’s with these zombies being all up in our business.

  • Friday, at the Powell’s in Beaverton — Starting at 7:00 p.m. I’ll be reading, signing, hanging out and chatting — and answering all your pressing (or not-so-pressing) questions. So come on out and see me! We’ll talk about whatever you want. No, seriously. I can natter on about almost anything. Might not make a whole lot of sense, but that’s never stopped me before …

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to for the next few days. So if posting is light, please bear in mind that I’m taking a whole bunch of work with me and I will not vouch for the persistent availability of internet. As always, there’s Twitter. I’m more likely to update that stream than this one, on account of it’s faster, easier, and I can do it from my phone.

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print at the moment. Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ll see some of you in Portland!

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5 thoughts on “March 24, 2010

  1. You need to get down here to Atlanta…I mean other than Dragoncon…would love to meet ya. Have fun in Portland.

  2. Daniel

    Yeah! Hope to make it.
    But if you get to downtown Portland for dinner, check out the Marakesh. It has a distinctive, early 19th century Turkish feel to it. You can order a bottle of wine, the dinner is brought in 5 courses where you eat with your hands and wash in a glass basin between each course, AND I think there’s live belly dancing after 8pm (which is better than the dead kind I would guess). So grab a turban, false mustache, a pipe, and/or a notebook, and enjoy some super yummy Moroccan cuisine! :D

  3. Daniel

    Sorry…Forgot the info. *sheepish smile*

    Marakkesh Moroccan Restaurant
    1201 NW 21st Ave
    Portland, OR 97209-1608
    (503) 248-9442

  4. Thanks guys. And Daniel, we have one of those in Seattle, too.
    I’ve been to *that* one …

  5. Daniel

    Oh rats…And there I was thinking I was giving out a hot tip. Might as well have said “Have you tried Starbuck’s? The coffee there’s amazing!” :)

    Can’t wait to get my mits on Clementine. But do you think in future adventures, you might expand more on the biology of zombies? You’ve brought practicality to Steampunk, but I’ve found that zombies seems to be a grey area in most sci-fi. How about a combination of voodoo brought over by Hatian slaves in the deep South and steampunk engineering knowhow to produce augmented clockwork undead through…Mechromancy? Maybe the Confederates, desperate for a victory, might employ mad-scientist Mechromancers to return dead soldiers to their ranks to reinforce their armies. Would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “And the South shall rise again!” :D

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