March 22, 2010

Editorial work has begun on Bloodshot, and it’s going to eat my life for the next few weeks. Big rewrites await, and the time is short. But while I’m at it, I’m still giving myself that hour each day to fiddle with Maplecroft.

So here goes. Here’s recent progress on the new steam-horror fin de siecle project about ghosts, guilt, elder gods, and monster-hunting in the aftermath of two gruesome murders:

    Project: (tentative title) Maplecroft
    Deadline: None
    New words written: 1057
    Present total word count: 1837 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: Got the story properly underway. It feels pretty good so far.

    Things accomplished in real life: Did day-job work and handed in an assignment; exchanged many business emails; dove in headfirst to Bloodshot edits and nearly drowned right off the bat; went grocery shopping; went to Walgreens; tidied house; took Ellen out to Lynnwood to pick up Amelie the Cat from the specialist vet.

    Other: The news on Amelie isn’t totally bad, but it isn’t totally good, either. The ultrasounds have turned up nothing concrete, so it looks like the problem may possibly be (but is not necessarily) cancer. At the moment, the only thing to be done is try a course of medication and continue the tube feedings (I’ll be going back over there tomorrow to take the lunch shift); and with another 2-3 weekly check-ups, see if her blood scan numbers improve. To understate the case quite significantly, we all hope her numbers do improve.

    Total Official Word Count of 2010: 24,893 words

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  1. Once Zeke got caught in the clutches of Minnericht, I could not put down Boneshaker. I finished this evening. Great book! (I didn’t even think twice about the reworked history… heck, in my project, the Colonies lost to the British.)

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