Healthcare Bill

I sometimes wonder what kind of innovation renaissance the USA would undergo if it really did pass proper universal coverage. Who would start her own business? What would your neighbors invent, patent, and produce? I thrill to imagine people with the liberty to start over, try something new, to make things — without the stifling terror of being left uncovered or uncoverable. I dream one day of dancing on these eggshells, like the rest of the industrialized world.

3 thoughts on “Healthcare Bill

  1. Jennifer H.

    I have friends in the UK who have done exactly that – they both run their own IT Training business. They’re free to do so because they don’t have to carry the personal burden of being bankrupt over her diabetes, any car accidents, etc. It’s a freedom we can only dream of here. We have to choose jobs here based on our benefits, not what’s right for us, not what we’re best at, not where we could contribute most. We’re chained to a job that will provide benefits for our family – a few are lucky enough to find that job to be the one that they enjoy, but most? Most are working to pay the bills and would do something entirely different if they could.

  2. Here here!

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