Amelie Update

76175159 Because people want to know: Amelie (my friend’s cat with liver problems) is generally doing better. She’s gaining weight and feeling more spritely, and her liver function is improving — but something is still wrong, because her bilirubin stats are going up. The doc suspects a gall bladder blockage, but an ultrasound on Saturday will give everyone a better idea of what’s up.

All in all, could be worse; but definitely could be better. The little girlie is hanging in there, though. And here’s a picture of her wearing her new “sweater-vest” (to cover the feeding tube). Click to view it bigger. And keep those fingers crossed …

Last Modified on March 18, 2010
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One thought on “Amelie Update

  1. Jane

    Do they think the initial issue was something poisonous that she ate, or is it likely that whatever’s blocking the gallbladder was the first cause?

    Poor little darling. I’m thinking of her.

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