March 15, 2010

Convention weekends are always a rollicking, exhausting good time. You can see some (very nice) Emerald City Comic Con shots from the Seattle PI here; and you can flip through my TwitPic pictures here. If you are so inclined.

You could also scroll back through my Twitter feed for more of a blow-by-blow, but you’ll have to skip past this morning’s discussion of East Coast steampunk vs. West Coast steampunk — and I do have to warn you, there were threats of a dance-off throw-down. Which I may or may not have surreptitiously encouraged. Ahem.

In other news, if you love semi-colons as much as I do then you will probably think this is funny. But that’s all I’ve got for you folks this lunch hour. I have OODLES of work to do, and will now see about making myself scarce.


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