March 13, 2010

Today I went to Emerald City Comic Con and wandered around with Caitlin and Aric, playing ECCC bingo and nabbing friends here and there for drive-by greetings. You can catch up with the pictures and accompanying hootnanny over on my twitter feed, for the pics and whatnot ended up over there. This will probably continue to be the case until I have a bigger keyboard on my phone for off-site posting convenience. Yes, well. Such is life.

Tomorrow we shall return once more, likely joined by Elaine, and we shall continue to go wrestling our way through the hordes for tee shirts and comics and trades, and all will be well.

(Speaking of tomorrow, don’t forget to change your clocks tonight, peeps. Spring ahead, you know. Because what we need right now is to lose an hour of sleep, apparently.)

In other news, today the aforementioned Caitlin and I went to the Georgetown Steam Plant and took pictures. It was fun! It was also a little creepy, when at one point this woman “snuck” up behind me while I was shooting, and took my picture, and ran away while I was not in a position to confront her about this weirdness. But mostly it was fun.

If you’d like to see the results, they break down as follows: Click here for some of the pictures Caitlin took of me; Click here for some of the pictures I took of Caitlin.

Because someone always asks this, every time I post pictures — yes, you’re more than welcome to fiddle with them. Antique them, tart them up, whatever. All I ask is that you (a). show me when you’re done because I love to see your work, and (b). give me permission to repost them with credit.

Anyway. The hubs and I are back from supper and I’m probably “in” for the night like a little old lady, so there’s some trashy television and maybe a bubble bath in my future. Have a great evening everyone, and stay tuned for more … um … stuff.

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