March 11, 2010

Because people often ask me questions about my “writing process” and whatnot, well, here you go. You know those word metrics I’ve been posting for that new project? Forget them. I’ve just trashed those 2500 words. They weren’t going anywhere; they didn’t convey the right feel; they were just not what I wanted. So I’m starting over.

Contrary to the (kind of hilarious and sometimes downright insulting) backlash over on Twitter, this is not a big deal. There’s nothing tragic or lamentable about it. The words were crap, so I got rid of them. Words are not a finite resource, you know.

And crap words are a dime a dozen. I’m sure as hell not going to hoard them.

3 thoughts on “March 11, 2010

  1. While I’ve not yet achieved as much publishing awesome as you, I do know what you mean about trashing words that just don’t work. I recently flushed 30K because it was wrong. There was no way to fix it, except to start again. I hate being stuck in a draft with no way out, and sometimes it’s absolutely liberating to flush a whole chunk of words and start fresh. It’s not the word count that matters, but the making the words count (as I’ve oft heard quoted). Here’s to tabula rasa and all that jazz!

  2. Indeed!
    [:: raises a glass to toast the tabula rasa ::]

  3. I love it. “Words are not a finite resource… And crap words are a dime a dozen. I’m sure as hell not going to hoard them.”

    Let me write that down. Sometimes I forget, even though I’ve written about 5 ‘novels’ that I know are just practice. It occurs to me that musicians play (discard) a lot of notes before they, or the songs they write, are good enough to play in public. You don’t see them insisting that everything they play is worth hearing.

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