March 10, 2010

Not much to report on this uncommonly glamorous Wednesday evening*, except that lunch with Caitlin did occur earlier today, as well as a modicum of thrifting that resulted in a cute new summer skirt on the cheapy-cheap.

And oh yes, this: After chatting with the very kind folks at VCon, I have gratefully accepted their invitation to be author guest of honor at their convention in October! Vancouver’s VCon will be my second convention in British Columbia this year (thank heavens I got that passport squared away, eh?), and I am totally psyched about getting yet another chance to pal around with some of my neighbors to the north.

* I’m sitting here with a breathe-right strip on my nose, my hair yanked back in a dirty bandanna, and wrinkly pajamas on. Because it is ALL CLASSY ALL THE TIME around these-here parts.

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